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Godzilla The Series




Godzilla The Series 


I saw Godzilla The Series at a local retailer for months before I decided to purchase it. This complete animated series has some fascinating things in it. Godzilla The Series is also a really tough show to watch for a variety of reasons. Godzilla The Series is an animated television show that lasted for forty episodes. It picks up right after the Godzilla movie from 1998.

The premise in Godzilla The Series is all these giant monsters start appearing, and the HEAT (Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team) group goes out to stop them. Godzilla fights along side HEAT. Godzilla The Series tells us all the nuclear tests is what created these monsters. I will get into that concept in just a bit in this review of this animated show that takes fourteen hours and fourteen minutes to watch.

Ever since I can remember liberals have been chicken little the sky is falling about something. What makes Godzilla The Series so fascinating is we can see how wrong they were in their dire predictions. What should we then think of their current alarmist shouts and screams? For me it shows just how unreliable, and lacking in credibility the political left and their environmental wing actually is. I know I am giving them an inconvenient truth. One I do not expect them to actually address. Their tactics are to attack the person and not deal with real genuine issues like how often they are wrong.

The animation in Godzilla The Series looks okay. Plenty of monster violence in this animated show. There are also short moments of enticement to lust in Godzilla The Series. Humans are show in peril quite often, and plenty of characters die in this show. The HEAT group survives thanks to the military helping them, and Godzilla. Who comes to the rescue so often it becomes predictable.

Speaking of predictable, Nigel dies almost every single episode in Godzilla The Series. That includes the two episodes that were never aired on the commercial riddled television channels. Which brings up another thought. Why don't Internet ads pay like television ads? We reach more people with our website for a longer period of time so logic would dictate we should get paid more.

Certain sound bytes are repeatedly used in Godzilla The Series. Godzilla The Series shows the military and men in general as weak. Women are shown as strong in Godzilla The Series, and so are the environmentalists. The out of touch with reality concepts is probably one of the things that helped sink this environmentalists propaganda animated television show. Again it is fun to see how wrong they were, and point it out of course. It can be tough to hear them preach their gloom and doom predictions knowing how wrong they are.
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: DVD
Publisher: Mill Creek Entertainment
Developer: Global Screen
Rating: ‘NR' - Not Rated

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