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Girls Like Robots 


Girls Like Robots has made its way over to the Wii U. This is a downloadable only home console video game. Girls Like Robots is a puzzle game with a bit of strategy. Players place tiles or icons on a grid. There are certain rules to keep everyone happy. Nerd like corners. Girls like robots. Robots are cool as long as there are not four girls surrounding them. Make sense?

I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Girls Like Robots on the Wii U. I will admit when I first heard the name of this game, I thought there must be something wrong with it. Girls Like Robots does have indie graphics. The music in Girls Like Robots sounds a bit country to me. Which I absolutely love so I am happy to hear it in a video game. How many games have had country like music in them?

Girls Like Robots is a great game for the Wii U. It will make you think, plan, and have fun. Girls Like Robots could be a great game for a wedding coordinator trying to get the seating assignments just right for the big day. One thing I learned from Girls Like Robots is you can't make everyone happy. Millions can be pleased with what you are doing, but a few malcontents here and there are just part of a normal day.

Families can even take pictures of themselves and use their own faces on the tiles in Girls Like Robots. On top of that there is a multiplayer function in Girls Like Robots. Family members pass the Wii U Gamepad back and forth taking turns. Girls Like Robots is being used to teach sharing which is an all important lesson that many children in this day and age need to learn.

Girls Like Robots starts easy enough. As the grids get larger, we get new characters. Each new wrinkle makes Girls Like Robots more complex. I initially started playing Girls Like Robots trying to get the gold score on each level. After awhile I dropped down to just completing the level. Placing faces and finding the right combination is a lot of fun to play. Plus Girls Like Robots is constantly changing, developing, and morphing.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Popcannibal
Developer: Popcannibal
Rating: E10+' - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence}
Company provided product
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