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I love the idea of Cityconomy on the Personal Computer. With some upgrades this would make one amazing Wii U home console video game. Maybe Cityconomy could even fit on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Why am I so up on Cityconomy? We take out the trash. I mean literally we take out the trash. Cityconomy follows one of the requests from Family Friendly Gaming - let us play the job of taking out the trash.

Players get quests from NPCs and go out and pick up the trash. Drive to the locations on the mini map, get out of the truck, push the button (on either side of the truck) to prep it, go and get the dumpster. From there we move the dumpster to the back of the truck, and hit the next button. We then watch the trash go into the truck, and we take the dumpster back. This is just the first job of many in Cityconomy.

The trucks look nice in Cityconomy. The cities look nice in Cityconomy. The trucks sound nice in Cityconomy. The concept for Cityconomy is a home run. It is great to teach gamers the concept of serving others. There is so much selfishness around today that it is great to see a video game the teaches us to help others. It is a dirty job in Cityconomy but someone has to do it.

Are you expecting a but to come up? Then you are very wise, or you look at the scores in Cityconomy. The glitches and lag absolutely kill Cityconomy as a fun experience for families. My first trash pick up I was facing the wrong direction on a street. Two cars glitched into my truck while I was bringing over the dumpster. After putting the dumpster back I got into the truck. It shook around violently, and then was half way down into the pavement of the road. It was unable to move and I had to start over again.

It is easy to get stuck on signs, walls, and more. We can run over people in Cityconomy with no penalty. Hit a car and you will be fined by the police. They must have cameras everywhere in this city because I got fined each and every single time I tapped into a car. I love how the Family Friendly Gaming controller works really well with Cityconomy on the Personal Computer.

Better controls, and less glitches would go a long way to help Cityconomy in the future. I can see this game becoming a monster hit on the home consoles. It just needs to be more stable. I hope to see that stability happen in the near future. Cityconomy is a really large download, so I also think a physical copy would help it as well.
- Mark


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 20%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Nano Games
Developer: astragon Entertainment GmbH
Rating: ‘3+’ - Everyone THREE and OLDER ONLY

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