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Tomba! 2




Tomba! 2 


There has been some confusion over the release of Tomba! 2 from Monkeypaw Games. This game is in Japanese, and not in English. Some have questioned why was the first Tomba! game released in English, and not the second. The issue has to do with the emulation.

If you read Japanese, then you are going to be perfectly at home with this release of Tomba! 2. Since there are over one hundred quests. And you will understand all of the dialogue. If you don't speak Japanese then you need to go online and follow the walkthrough on the Monkeypaw website.

Tomba! 2 is a 2D side scrolling action adventure game with branching paths. What that means is you can go into the background in certain areas. Players need to take a branching path to get there. I found these branching path locations to be a pain to use at times.

Your feral boy does some crazy things like jump on the backs of the pig characters and ride them around. It seems jumping on them, and throwing them away is the only real way to ever dispose of them. Hacking and slashing with the weapon only stuns them for a short time.

I struggle figuring out who the audience is for Tomba! 2. I know there are anime import stores for those that watch Japanese anime. So I figure retro importing gamers (if there is such a thing) are the biggest target audience for Tomba! 2. It at least gives you the option of playing this game in the original Japanese.

Now all we need is Hyper Crazy Climber, and the Retro Rush will be complete. At least in this phase. I hope Monkeypaw Games continues this kind of campaign in the future.
- Sam


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 54%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: PSP/PS1/PS Vita/PS3(tested)
Publisher: Monkeypaw Games
Developer: Whoopee Camp
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone
{Comic Mischief}
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