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Tiny Games Knights & Dragons




Tiny Games Knights & Dragons 


We routinely talk about the parable of the talents here at Family Friendly Gaming. We are far from perfect in terms of applying it on the big companies (whom much was given), and the indie developers (who little was given). It is part of our process. This is where Tiny Games Knights & Dragons comes into Family Friendly Gaming Nation.

This little kids game contains electronic versions of six different games. I know the Nintendo page says five games, but it is actually six. These games are called Ludo, Chest Mover Mania, Ship Encounter, Find Mines, 4 in a Row, and Pipes. That last one is the one the Nintendo page is missing.

We have a Connect 4 game, Pipes, Mine Sweeper, Battleship, Sorry, and Chest Mover games in Tiny Games Knights & Dragons. Sorry I am not really sure if the Chest Mover is a clone of anything. I am not familiar with it. I would not be surprised if it is cloned after something.

Tiny Games Knights & Dragons only costs $2.99, and we are getting six different fun games. The difficulty in Tiny Games Knights & Dragons ranges. The 4 in a Row game is a bit on the tough side. Whereas the others are generally on the easier side.

The graphics are in two parts in Tiny Games Knights & Dragons. The first part is the top screen. Where all kinds of cool images appear that relate to Knights and Dragons. The bottom screen is where the action takes place. Generally more bare bones, and small graphic images. Definitely very playable though.

I really like the music in Tiny Games Knights & Dragons. It is pleasant, upbeat, fresh, fun, invigorating, and enjoyable. Kids get into the music in Tiny Games Knights & Dragons as well. The biggest drawback to Tiny Games Knights & Dragons is only one family member can play it at a time. Some form of multi-player would have been awesome.

Tiny Games Knights & Dragons is a download only video game on the Nintendo 3DS. You will not be able to go to a store and purchase it. It would be awesome to be able to purchase a cartridge for $2.99 in a store, but that is not happening in this time and space.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Reactor Games
Developer: Reactor Games
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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