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The Golf Club




The Golf Club 


Gamers may be irritated with EA Sports. I have heard quite a few guys talking at the gaming store that they want choice when it comes to sports games. They want competition on the market. You are getting your wish thanks to HB Studios and The Golf Club.

This golf simulation game will be appearing on the PS4, and Xbox One as well as the Personal Computer. I played it on the PC, and will review for PC only. My hope is the Playstation 4, and Xbox One versions will be better than what I played on the PC.

The first thing I noticed about The Golf Club is the glitches. This game crashed, and locked up numerous times. It did so on a gaming PC that is not that old. So I would not expect it to do this. How many families keep up with the latest PC specs? I dropped the frame rate to medium and The Golf Club was less glitchy.

The Golf Club really wants to be in a small window. Putting it in full screen mode pixelated the graphics bad. It was difficult to read the words on the screen. Keeping it in a small window is better, but just as hard to read such small text. This is when I started to get worried about The Golf Club.

Excitement welled up within me when I discovered The Golf Club would play with the Family Friendly Gaming PC controller. This eventually died out when I started to play The Golf Club. Swinging the club is simple enough, except for the lag. Power is a guessing game in The Golf Club. I went way over the hole, and barely moved the golf ball other times.

Putting in The Golf Club is a nightmare. Where are there hills? Where are the slopes? How much power is needed? It was all a nasty guessing game that would put me six, seven, eight shots over par. I moved the ball a few feet closer to the hole, and whizzed right past it other times.

The bird sounds, and feel of the golf courses is amazing. The courses look nice, and have an okay design to them. The announcers comments are sometimes timely, and other times way off base. How can I hit the ball perfectly and end up in a sand trap? Or in the rough? The Golf Club produces questions like that. Or how can the announcer say I am going into the sand trap, and I end up on the green? The opposite also happened.

There is local multiplayer in The Golf Club. I also noticed what looked like other players playing. Balls would bounce around me, go into the hole, and more. It was actually distracting and added to the confusion of trying to figure out how to play this golf game.

The end verdict is The Golf Club has potential. There is a big, long hill this game has to climb to get into the conversation with Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf games. Maybe in a few years this franchise will be able to compete. That would be neat to see.
- Frank


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: HB Studios
Developer: HB Studios
Rating: ‘RP' - for Rating Pending
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