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Strike Force Foxx




Strike Force Foxx 


Strike Force Foxx is a lot like the Choplifter video game. Players fly a helicopter around side scrolling levels. There are two goals in each of the levels of Strike Force Foxx. They are kill a certain number of enemy characters, and to rescue so many hostages.

Let me give you one really important tip. Do not land on the hostages in Strike Force Foxx. That kills them. Also do not spend much time trading shots with enemy troops. If you do, you will most likely wind up blowing up, and failing the level. Also pay attention to your gas, and use your boost near the end.

Strike Force Foxx is not for casual gamers. The violence, bad attitudes, treatment of women, and more make this hand held game for the worldly gamers only. Also your family will probably want to have teenagers wait until they are fifteen or sixteen.

The 3D looks neat in Strike Force Foxx. The strategy of how to quickly get the hostages will appeal to older gamers. Ones that have some fast reflexes. Tanks can not bring their turrets down to hit you if you are on the ground in front of them. That was my favorite way of disposing of the tanks.

The main voice actor is fantastic. Those sound bytes every time I saved someone was annoying though. The things the main pilot had to say were offensive on multiple levels. The corny names of organizations was humorous. The humor in Strike Force Foxx is not for everyone though. It fits the crude humor category in some instances.

There is some mild enticement to lust in Strike Force Foxx. The enemy soldiers respawn after being killed. That has to be one of the biggest problems with Strike Force Foxx. It was bad enough having to kill them once, but having to do it again and again became old. I started to avoid violence in Strike Force Foxx whenever I could.

Strike Force Foxx sells for a decent price ($4.99) considering the amount of levels. Strike Force Foxx is a download only video game. There are no physical copies of Strike Force Foxx available at stores. Strike Force Foxx is a very challenging video game. You will need skills to pay the bills to beat Strike Force Foxx. The various upgrades throughout the game are a big help in achieving that goal.


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Big John Games
Developer: Big John Games
Rating: ‘T' - Teen for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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