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Star Trek Into Darkness





Star Trek Into Darkness 


Hollywood has a history of redefining things in strange and odd ways. Take Star Trek Into Darkness for example. The role reversals they did will make your head spin. This movie makes Captain Kirk look weak. He dies to save the crew instead of Spock. Spock is then the one who goes after Khan. Ultimately Khan is the one who brings Kirk back from the dead thanks to his super soldier blood. Anyone else find it odd that a three hundred year old man is so much better than the futuristic versions?

I also wonder how Khan and his crew were captured in the first place. He alone decimated multiple Klingon squadrons. The man has some serious fighting skills. All seventy-three of them would have been nearly unstoppable.

The visual effects in Star Trek Into Darkness are astounding. I love the little stretches and different angles done throughout the 131 minute movie. The violence is a bit over the top, and bloody. The images are graphic, and disturbing throughout the movie. There is also enticement to lust moments. Were those really needed?

Speaking of content that could have been left on the editing floor - bad language. Why is there so much bad language in Star Trek Into Darkness? Every five to ten minutes I think: “don’t use that word.” It takes away from the overall experience. Why can’t Hollywood make these movies with families in mind? They could tell the story without all the foul mouths.

One interesting aspect to me from Star Trek Into Darkness is how the characters confront death. I could not help but think about the difference between believers and non-believers. It is so interesting to hear how the world thinks of death compared to the followers of Jesus Christ. Star Trek Into Darkness does not share how the followers of Jesus Christ confront death - they only focus on the worldly view.
- Paul


Graphics: 56%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Paramount
Developer: Skydance Productions

Rating:  ‘PG-13’ - Parents Strongly Cautioned {for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence}

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