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Squids Odyssey




Squids Odyssey 


One of the long standing policies we have at Family Friendly Gaming is: "if we ask for a game to be ported to a different system, we will pick up the cost of the review when it is ported to that system." Why do I bring that up? Because we asked for Squids Odyssey to make it to the Nintendo 3DS.

Playing Squids Odyssey is like playing marbles as a kid. There are set areas the marbles can be in. Players fling one to hit another one, and knock it out of the game play area. In Squids Odyssey we use squids that we launch towards other underwater creatures. We can knock them off the edges, or hit them enough times to drain their hit points.

Squids Odyssey has a role playing game element to it. We can level up our squids, increase their stats with hats, and more. There are ninety levels and fifteen different squid characters to use in Squids Odyssey. Which is good since the price is $14.99 for this downloadable only video game.

Squids Odyssey would have made a perfect bargain priced game cartridge in stores like Walmart. I know plenty of families in the physical game copies movement that would support Squids Odyssey if it had been released in a physical format.

The music in Squids Odyssey is nice. The jokes are a bit on the corny side. Few of them promoted any thought like many of the bits from Brad Stine. Mainly Squids Odyssey taught me to follow the mission parameters presented before me. Take out all the enemies and get to the end spot.

One of the hardest kinds of levels in Squids Odyssey is the survive so many rounds. Running and hiding is not exactly in my nature. So it was hard for me to avoid conflict and run away. Plus new enemies spawn every single round. In my opinion those levels are the hardest in Squids Odyssey.

The game play in Squids Odyssey works well. The characters are drawn and animated nicely. There are plenty of levels to wade through. Plenty of level ups are available to the player. Squids Odyssey works marvelously on the Nintendo 3DS. There is violence as we ram into other creatures, hit spikes, and use weapons.
- Paul


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: The Game Bakers
Developer: The Game Bakers
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone for Everyone SIX and OLDER
{Mild Fantasy Violence}
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