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Shovel Knight 


For years we have been asking for something at Family Friendly Gaming. New video games that are done in the retro style. Shovel Knight fits that mold masterfully well. In fact I can almost feel 8-bit Mega Man, or Castlevania games in this downloadable video game.

Shovel Knight is a 2D side scrolling video game with all kinds of character, charm, levels, upgrades, and things that appear on the map screen. Some of them are treasure levels, and others are boss battles. Some I welcomed, and others cost me gold.

There are all kinds of secrets in Shovel Knight. I could feel where some of them are just from playing retro video games. Others were more deviously concealed. Not all of them contain items that are helpful. Bombs can really ruin your day if you are expecting a health item.

Shovel Knight is very clever when it comes to dying. When you die in a level three bags will appear where you died. You are transported back to the last continuation point. If you can get back to those bags of gold and silver then you can get your money back. If you die before then, well those bags are gone. Shovel Knight gives players the opportunity to reclaim their lost loot.

Various upgrades, power ups, and items are available in Shovel Knight. Players use magic like phase to become invulnerable for a short time. A very short time. You can string those together if you have enough magic points. This is how you can walk across spikes.

Shovel Knight starts easy enough, and gets harder and harder as players progress. The levels are long - with multiple continuation points. Beating certain levels and bosses can be very frustrating. The game keeps track of how many times you die. The height of that number depresses me. You might even rage quit certain levels.

There is action adventure violence as we work our way through the various levels. Meal tickets are given to a cook to enhance the health. Magic is upgraded with in game currency. Shovel Knight is a solid title in the retro vein. I am thankful I was able to play and review this game on the Wii U.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: PC/Wii U(tested)
Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone
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