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Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper




 Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper 


Games move (port) over from one platform to another at an amazing pace these games. Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper was a Nintendo 3DS game that has made it over the iPhone/iPad platforms. It would not work on my iPhone 4, but it worked amazingly well on an iPad 2. This music game will keep you on your toes with a variety of different activities. This hand held game ported over amazingly well too.

Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper has warning messages come up as it is loading. You need a strong network connection to play this game. What happens if you don't? Your save could become corrupted. I am not sure why Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper will not let me save locally. I should be able to to save without being online. That is a minor quibble on my part.

Graphically Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper is very bright and colorful. I can tell by the dance moves that Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper is influenced by Michael Jackson. How you feel about that man will influence your opinion of dance moves in Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper.

The music in Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper ranges. I did not recognize any of the songs in this iOS game, but then Christian Praise and Worship is my main stable now-a-days. I also know music from the 80s and 90s Techno. So the dance music in Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper reminds me of music I have heard in the past. I did not hear any bad words while playing Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper, but I did have trouble distinguishing what was being said.

There are numerous missions, modes, and characters in Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper. The price is a little high for the app store though. I could see this price for a downloadable game on the Nintendo 3DS and/or PS Vita. But then they have a variety of different control schemes.

Some of the activities in Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper require luck, and others require attention. Families will find Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper is generally kind to them in terms of the controls. As long as you find the visual cues on the screen. I had to look in the right place to get those visual cues. I should note I skipped the tutorials. Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper suggested I take them.


Graphics: 77%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Publisher: Sega
Rating: ‘9+’ - 9+
{Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}
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