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Pushmo World 


Pushmo World is a puzzle game on the Wii U that has outgrown its origins on the Nintendo 3DS. Everyone here at Family Friendly Gaming calls it Pullmo since we spend more time pulling out. There are 150 regular Pushmo puzzles, fifty training Pushmo levels, and fifty mysterious Pushmo puzzles. The grand total is 250 Pushmo puzzles in Pushmo World.

Pushmo World is like the hand held games Pushmo, and Crashmo. It is a downloadable only title. Family Friendly Gaming is aware of the physical copies only movement within the video game industry. Hopefully companies will hear you, and provide for you in the near future.

We pull out blocks in Pushmo World. The goal is to free a poor rotund child who got stuck within the structure somehow. This is done by pulling out (up to three spaces), and jumping up to pull out additional blocks. Eventually players work their way to the spot where the child is stuck.

Do you like to create? Pushmo World lets families create their very own levels. It is easy to create a level, test it, and make adjustments. Once you unlock tools in the main game, they are usable in the Pushmo Studio. If you are creative then you can have all kinds of fun making interesting levels, and sharing them with the community. Look for the Family Friendly Gaming created levels out there.

Pushmo World is bright and colorful. The music is happy. The game play is a mixture of puzzle and jumping. You may even find shortcuts that were not intended. Which is really cool. Like most puzzle games Pushmo World starts easy and turns up the heat as families progress.

I will warn you that some puzzles can take time to complete. There is also a possibility to become angry while playing Pushmo World. Especially if you are not able to see a way out. Pushmo World will let you skip any level. You can in fact skip your way to the end credits.

Pushmo World earns the rarely given Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. There are opportunities for families to be creative, and work together creating fun levels. Pushmo World will challenge your brain as you try to learn how to beat some of the levels. The lack of a physical copy is the only thing hurting Pushmo World.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 98%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
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