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My Exotic Farm




My Exotic Farm 


My Exotic Farm is a sequel to My Farm. How can I say that? The intro little cut scene explains it all. You left the city to go be a farmer. You have done good with chickens, ducks, and cows. Now you want a new challenge. You go to a far away country to farm ostriches, hippos, elephants, and more. Looks like somewhere in Africa to me.

The artwork in My Exotic Farm is similar to the My Farm artwork. Very distinctive, and cute. Kids dig the different animals as they clean them, and feed them. The animals generally stay in their own areas. Whether you pen them in or not. You will need to erect fences to have more animals.

The concept of My Exotic Farm is simple enough. Care for the animals, and sell what they produce. You can also sell well fed animals. I like keeping the animals personally. We learned from My Farm. Start out slow, and build some wealth. Slowly add new animals.

You never know when an animal will get sick in My Exotic Farm. It comes out of the blue. You must cure them quickly or it becomes an epidemic - which is costly in terms of medicine. Also animals that are sick and/or not cared for properly will leave. Which makes growing wealth nearly impossible.

My Exotic Farm has a neat little learning curve. In the beginning of this downloadable home console Wii U game you will use the fast forward in the upper right hand portion of the Wii U Gamepad. As you get more animals, you find yourself at a normal pace. That way you can clean and feed all the animals. Plus sell off what they produce.

My Exotic Farm is a great little game for kids. It is light hearted, fun, and teaches them to think of others. My Exotic Farm can also teach kids the value of a dollar, and strategically planning for the future. As well as preparing for accidents, and illness.
- Paul


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 92%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%

System: Wii U
Publisher: BiP Media
Developer: BiP Media
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone

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