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Monochroma is similar to Limbo. Without all of those gross, disgusting, nasty death sequences. Players can die in Monochroma - like from falling too far or getting squished by something. The focus is not on the death as much in Monochroma though.

The darkness in Monochroma can get to you. The glum graphics can be depressing. Plus it is hard to see objects, edges, and more in this Personal Computer game. Nothing like falling off an edge because you could not see it there. Eye strain and headaches are one of the side effects of the graphics in Monochroma.

The music is also moody in Monochroma. It fits in with the graphics perfectly. The combination of the two can lead to real world nightmares. The footstep sounds as we run along is realistic. Running is not possible when you are carrying your little brother though.

The controls in Monochroma gave me fits. I had to redo certain jumps over and over again because the keyboard controls are so lethargic. Monochroma reminds me why controller controls on the home console are so much better. Apologies to any hardcore PC gamers.

The best part about Monochroma is helping out your brother. We can only leave him in lit areas. So we can not put him down in the dark. This can lead to frustrations as we try to figure out each area. I found myself agitated more than once with Monochroma. The core lesson of carrying someone when they could not go on themselves reminded me of the Footprints in the Sand poem.
- Luke


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Nowhere Studios
Developer: Nowhere Studios
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated
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