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MX vs ATV Supercross




MX vs ATV Supercross 


The demise of THQ left numerous video game developers and franchises in the air. Thankfully Nordic Games picked up the rights to the MX vs ATV Supercross. They put Rainbow Studios back together so families could enjoy this dirt based racing game.

Due to FCC regulations Family Friendly Gaming has to disclose we were provided a promotional copy, not for resale version of MX vs ATV Supercross on the Xbox 360. We also need to disclose that we were not paid any financial backing from the PR firm, game developer, or game publisher for this review. The final disclosure is the value/cost of this review is much greater than the value/cost of the product provided.

As I first started to play MX vs ATV Supercross I had one thought cross my mind. MX vs ATV Supercross is a like a modern day Excitebike done in 3D. The jumps, curves, hills, bumps, and more remind me of Excitebike. MX vs ATV Supercross has that feel.

Expect to be airborne in MX vs ATV Supercross a lot. It is the nature of the courses we have to drive. There are seventeen different tracks in MX vs ATV Supercross which all have different looks and feels to them. I loved racing in career, single races, and local split screen races. There are also online races which I avoided.

The career mode in MX vs ATV Supercross is where families will spend a lot of their time. There are five series in the career mode. They are 250 East, 250 West, 450 MX, 450 ATV, and 450 MX vs ATV. Families will get their moneys worth out of MX vs ATV Supercross on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The one down side to MX vs ATV Supercross is the female characters at the start and end of the races you win. They are showing off their midriffs, and wearing skin tight clothing over their upper bodies. I wish I could have found a way to let MX vs ATV Supercross support modest dressing in women. There is also music playing in MX vs ATV Supercross. I could not tell if there were offensive lyrics or not.

The controls in MX vs ATV Supercross are tight. I found it is really easy to take corners with the left joystick on the Xbox 360 controller. Letting off the gas and doing it when I was about ready to go off the track. It is easy to get back on the track in MX vs ATV Supercross thankfully. MX vs ATV Supercross is a fun racing game with one issue families will have.
- Frank


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: PS3/Xbox 360(tested)
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Rating: 'E' - Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
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