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MLB 14 The Show 


MLB 14 The Show has made it to the Playstation 4. We expected improvements here at Family Friendly Gaming. We also ran into an issue that families need to be cognizant of. What is the good in MLB 14 The Show? What is the bad in MLB 14 The Show? What is the ugly in MLB 14 The Show?

First off I want to pitch the good aspects of MLB 14 The Show. This home console Playstation 4 game is beautiful. I am stunned at how good this game looks. The players are amazing. The fields are astounding. The fans look better than I have seen in a sports game, and there are different fan models.

The shine off the helmets, facial hair, faces, dirt on the uniforms, breaking bats, and more look so realistic in MLB 14 The Show. The presentation of the game is top notch, and this is very close to the real thing. Especially seeing the ball flying out of the box, and going into the stands. I could tell almost every time if I was getting a hit or not.

The announcers are excellent in MLB 14 The Show on the PS4. They are enjoyable to listen to while the game is going on. Especially if you are close to pitching a perfect game, or get into double digit strike outs in a game. They relay realistic comments for the events that are transpiring in this baseball video game.

The bad in MLB 14 The Show is the loading times. Man this game takes some time to install, start, and get going. After the game installs, it then needs to download the teams. This took forever, and was a nasty knock on Internet usage. Which is going to bring up the next issue.

All of these online modes, Cloud saves, score streaming, and downloads are nice and all. But they can be a real pain depending on how much memory your ISP allows you in a month. You can easily hit financial penalties from your ISP if you get into using a lot of these features.

The audio clips that are from historic baseball games can be turned off. The same goes for the lame songs (that some may offensive) that are included with MLB 14 The Show. I saw players argue with the umpires over a called strike. Although the strike was easily in the strike zone. Even the announcers referenced that.

The inclusion of PS4 only additional content is fantastic to see in MLB 14 The Show. The intro fly ins are my personal favorite. Quick counts in MLB 14 The Show can help those who do not have enough time to devote to an entire nine inning baseball game.

The ugly of MLB 14 The Show is trying to get into a game the first time. This takes a very long time. The loading times after that are not terrible, but they are certainly noticeable. I got up, went to the bathroom, and came back before MLB 14 The Show on the PS4 was ready to get me into a game.

The end report is MLB 14 The Show on the PS4 is better than the Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita versions. Cloud saves can allow you to move your saves across systems as well. So if you have a PS3, and want to upgrade to a PS4, you will not lose any progress. This is a neat feature.
- Frank


Graphics: 100%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Playstation 4
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sony San Diego Studio
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
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