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Lego The Hobbit




Lego The Hobbit 


TT Games has proven they listen to Family Friendly Gaming Nation. There was one major complaint against recent hand held Lego video games. The timer. That timer ruined the experience, rushed gamers, and generated mistakes. It also changed the feeling of exploration found in Lego video games.

Lego The Hobbit has diminished the timer drastically. For normal levels there is no timer whatsoever. Take your time, explore, find hidden objects, and have a wonderful Lego video game experience. The timer has stayed with us for the boss battles. Which is a much smaller percentage of the game. A nice compromise.

Lego The Hobbit allows players to die, and it is start the level over again. That one issue is still in the hand held franchise. Which is a shame because losing a few studs (that can be recollected if you are quick enough) has been a major part of the Lego video games for decades now.

Graphically Lego The Hobbit has smaller characters, levels, map screen, and more. Which is okay because it is on a smaller screen. Many of the cut scene movies in the home console version of Lego The Hobbit are also present in the 3DS/PS Vita version. Which is where most of the comic mischief comes from.

The dwarves, elves, wizard, goblins, and hobbit have a variety of different weapons at their disposal in Lego The Hobbit. Lego characters fall to pieces when their health runs out. We also smash and bash our way through a long list of objects. Many times we do this to find blocks we can build with. Which is how we progress.

I like the feel and flow to Lego The Hobbit. The side quests on the map are a nice touch. Levels are fun to play through multiple times - trying to complete all of the quests possible. I watched some of the home console levels, and noticed a similarity in the hand held levels.

If your family is looking for some Lego The Hobbit on the go, then please check out this game on the Playstation Vita and/or Nintendo 3DS. You will get a lengthy quest with plenty of unlockable content. Lines straight out of the movies are read in Lego The Hobbit.
- Kid Gamer


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 61%

System: Nintendo 3DS/PS Vita(tested)
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
Developer: TT Games
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief}

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