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Grid Autosport 


There are a variety of different racing games on the market for families to invest in. Grid Autosport is a solid entry on the Personal Computer, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Some in Family Friendly Gaming Nation may wonder why this franchise was not moved to the next gen home consoles. Because it does not need to yet.

Codemasters Racing put a solid game on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. They understand not everyone jumps on the newest, and latest home consoles that quickly. My only thought is Grid Autosport should be on the Wii U. Even if you left the Wii U Gamepad screen off (which would save battery life), this racing game would be great on the Wii U.

The depth of the racing options in Grid Autosport impressed me. I can have the drive line on or off. I can let the game help me with turning. I can have the game help me with braking around the corners. I can flashback in the race when I make a mistake. In other words I can rewind right in the middle of a race to immediately fix a mistake I just made.

Grid Autosport is not just about you, and your racing skills. It is also about the team you are on. So you can knock it out of the park in every race, only to have your team mate flop. Or maybe you knock your team mate out of the way on your way to first place. Crashing them hurts your team.

Players compete locally and online in Grid Autosport. They race in Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Drift, and Street styles. There are a variety of different things players can level up in. Leveling up in Grid Autosport opens up new race circuits.

What kind of a car you race in Grid Autosport will be determined by the kind of race, and the team you join. The more time you spend with Grid Autosport, the more kinds of race tracks, and vehicles you get to race in. Grid Autosport can help you become a better race car driver.

Crashes in Grid Autosport are explosive events. The cars show massive amounts of damage based on what you make contact with. If you play Grid Autosport like pinball then you will see parts fly off. Doors will open, dents will appear, and more. There is an option to make that damage visual only, otherwise it will impact your cars driving.
- Frank


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: PC/PS3/Xbox 360(tested)
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Developer: Codemasters Racing
Rating: ‘E' - for Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
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