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Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy 


Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy is an action adventure hack and slash role playing game. Players can pick a nice array of characters to fight off the monsters. The goal is to drive the Decoders off the planet. These Decoders are half human half animal oddities.

Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy has voice acting completely in Japanese. If you are not fluent in Japanese then you will have to read all of the text. There are some rude comments and insults here and there. I thought the Japanese were respectful to one another. Some of the rude comments makes me wonder if I was wrong in that belief.

Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy contains violence, blood, and enticement to lust issues. This is a downloadable only video game on the Playstation Vita. It clocks in just under 600 megs. Family Friendly Gaming was also provided multiple DLC packs with the code for the game.

How you fight in Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy is based on which character you are using. Since the enemies will swam you, I found the best way to fight in Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy is to hit and run. I would run in, hit them a few times, and run out. I would then go to another side of the enemy mass and repeat that tactic. Trying to go toe to toe with any swarm of enemies ended in my character dying quickly.

You will die early and often in Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy. Thankfully you get to keep your stuff, and you gain experience for the fighting. Repeating the various missions is the best way to grind in Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy. Even if you can't complete it initially, you will eventually level up and it becomes easier.

The improvements on your weapon have to do with enemy drops. Why? Certain items are needed to upgrade your weapon. So keep plenty of your loot for improving your equipment. Health items are a good thing to sell some of your items for.

Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy is a difficult game when you hit level seven. Story scenes can be skipped, but then you won't know what is going on in the story. There is enough dialogue repetition to be kept in the general loop. The graphics are not pushing the PS Vita to its limits.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: PS Vita
Publisher: Arc System Works
Developer: Arc System Works
{Violence, Blood}
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