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Dig Dog Out 


Dig Dog Out is an indie game similar to Dig Dug. There are differences of course. Like we play a dog character who is trying to get all the bones on the screen. The dog has some kind of a weapon that can shoot the enemy characters - like mice. Dig Dog Out does not let families climb up holes they have dug. Dirt is needed to move up.
It is really easy to have your puppy die in Dig Dog Out. He can get smashed by rocks, fall too far, and come in contact with enemy characters. When this happens an angel of your doggie floats up to the surface. Expect to die in Dig Dog Out at a regular interval. Thankfully there are passwords to the start of the last level we completed. Which means we have to replay that level again.

I ran into one odd glitch while playing Dig Dog Out. I would play a level and get a GAME OVER screen. My dog was still alive, there was no on screen timer that I saw, and I could access the rest of the bones on the screen. So I have no idea why the game stopped me from playing.

Dig Dog Out contains cute graphics of objects and characters. Shooting the mice produces a skeleton and then a pile of ash. That is the depth of the violent content in Dig Dog Out. This Personal Computer game can also be found on the iOS platform. For families with an iPad and/or iPhone. I am not aware of any cross platform functionality.

The controls in Dig Dog Out can be a bit laggy. Stagnant is the word that comes to mind while I was playing. I hate not being able to climb up holes I created. This gave Dig Dog Out more of a strategic feel as oppose to the arcade feel of Dig Dug. I also am baffled why the game would just stop me on certain levels with no explanation, hint or help.

The music in Dig Dog Out is nice. Smooth and serene while we are digging around in the earth. Dig Dog Out has quite a bit of promise for indie developers and the future.


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Xing Interactive
Developer: Xing Interactive

Rating:  ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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