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Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit


Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval


Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit 


I would like to start this review off with an apology to Family Friendly Gaming Nation. I am very sorry it took so long to get a review of Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit on the Nintendo 3DS online. There were issues with the game being sent to us for the review. I know Cooking Mama is a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer, and I feel horrible it took this long to get this review online.

Have you ever heard absence makes the heart fonder? That is certainly the case with Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit. We have not reviewed a Cooking Mama game for a few years. Sure we have reviewed some of the other Mama games. But it has been a few years since Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic was released.

The good news is Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit more approachable by casual gamers. The game allows for a few mistakes while working through all the mini games in the sixty recipes. There are quite a few mini games in each of those recipes. There are also thirty activities we can assist Mama with.

The areas of Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit are Let's Cook, Let's Help Mama, Cooking Dojo, Let's Help in the Shop, and Let's Study. Longtime Mama fans will be very interested in Cooking Dojo. This is where Mama will rate you on how well you complete the mini games in the recipes.

Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit comes with SpotPass, and download versus play for up to four players. The Let's Study mode will become a new favorite of families. This is where you can work on your mathematics, memory, and writing skills. It is like an educational wing within a Cooking Mama video game.

The first time you play a mini game you may make a mistake here or there. Usually this is allowed if you error on the side of under cooking something. If you over cook something then mama will encourage you and fix it for you. Grading can be a bit on the tough side. Like I got gold for all except for two of the mini games and wound up getting a silver. I wish Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit had let me go back and fix a mistake.

Out of all the mini game compilations out there, Cooking Mama continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Out of all the cooking based games, Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit is right in the top echelon. Cooking Mama Limited and Majesco Entertainment continue to prove they know what they are doing with this franchise.

Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit is one of the best games to be released on the Nintendo 3DS this year. It is also one of the best video game releases on all systems combined. Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit encourages us to do our best, accept help when we fail, and to help others. I hope and pray this franchise continues for many years.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 95%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Developer: Cooking Mama Limited
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
{Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief}
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