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You know what I hate about trends in the video game industry? Leeches. Every time there is a trend there are leeches who try to latch onto it. They want to promote their product as being a part of the trend. Yet too often they do not fit into the mold or definition of what the trend is.

Why the rant in this review? Because BLOK DROP U is an indie game. From a true indie studio. BLOK DROP U comes from an army of one. One man made this Wii U game with Nintendo Web Framework and Scirra Construct 2 technology. He made BLOK DROP U in his basement studio in his spare time. You don't get any more indie than that.

I am sick and tired of large video game publishers latching onto the indie label and claiming their latest acquisition is their entrance into the indie scene. BLOK DROP U is an indie game, and it is impressive. Especially considering it is on the Wii U.

There are some neat graphics in BLOK DROP U. Overall the color of the graphics are a bit on the plain side. But I like the depth in it. In fact I would not be surprised to see BLOK DROP U port over to the Nintendo 3DS. I can see 3D effects working well with the font used in BLOK DROP U.

The music is exciting in BLOK DROP U. I enjoyed listening to it while beating the thirty levels in this physics puzzler. Expect to be challenged in BLOK DROP U right from the start. BLOK DROP U tells you what to do - get your block to the floor.

Getting a block to the floor should be simple right? Well there are big gaping holes in the floor. So it is more like get your heart block to the small platform here and there. The first ten levels are easy once you get into the second ten levels. Why? The second ten add buzz saws that destroy your heart block.

The final ten levels in BLOK DROP U include bouncy blocks. Which can send your heart block in all kinds of strange directions. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes its a level failure. It is easy to retry any level in BLOK DROP U though.

I noticed two interesting nuances in BLOK DROP U. The first is every block in BLOK DROP U must be removed before you can complete a level. Even when your heart block is safely on the floor. The second is sometimes my block would go a strange direction when I did not think it should. Meaning I projected it out, and it should have gone left - instead it went right. This was rare, but noticeable.

All in all I found BLOK DROP U to be a very positive experience. I appreciate Nintendo allowing a true indie game like BLOK DROP U on the Wii U. I can't wait to see what RCMADIAX comes up with in the future. It is my belief this indie studio will flourish and grow in the future. I hope you will financially support this $1.99 downloadable game.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Wii U
Publisher: RCMADIAX
Developer: RCMADIAX
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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