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Ava and Avior Save The Earth




Ava and Avior Save The Earth 


Whenever anyone brings up the topic of recycling I think about the amazing article "Recycling is Garbage" by John Tierney. He points out recycling became a penance for the sin of materialism. In other words it is a religion to some people. One that is now being put into a video game. Why? Because the educational system did not brainwash all the kids into believing it.

Recycling is also a big business. Just like the whole global warming scam. There are certain people becoming extremely wealthy off of the faked stats to promote global warming. I am looking right at you Al Gore. The price of Ava and Avior Save The Earth is on the high side. I know they are a smaller developer and all, which is why I think the price should also be lower. Especially when we compare prices of this same game on other systems.

I don't know anyone at 2020 Venture. Their Captain Planet approach to the topic is going to immediately turn off millions. Just like the Captain Planet cartoon did. If you are all gung-ho pro recycling then you are going to love Ava and Avior Save The Earth. If the topic bothers you then you will find Ava and Avior Save The Earth offensive.

The voices of the two floating characters is annoying. Like fingernails on the chalk board annoying. It can be difficult at first to understand what they are saying. They are "educating" us to the importance of recycling. How do they do this? By telling us to do it. No facts, no scare tactics, just the Nike commercial. You remember it don't you? "Just Do It." When I present Christ, I give them information about why it is important to have a relationship with Jesus. If Ava and Avior Save The Earth wants to convince the naysayers (look right at me), then they need to put their best foot forward.

I applaud Ava and Avior Save The Earth for creating a non-violent video game. Albeit a really boring, and slightly glitchy one. What do we do in the twenty-one levels of Ava and Avior Save The Earth? We take trash and put it in the right recycling bins. Let that set in for a minute. I know how excited kids are about taking the trash out. Imagine playing that mundane task as an entire game. I know the Sims works, and Animal Crossing works; but Ava and Avior Save The Earth does not.

As if all of this was not controversial enough, I had problems putting the gunk in the right junk container. See they move around and open and close. Why for the love of God did they make it hard to put the the stuff in the containers? I understand the objects bouncing around the screens, but the cans too? And then have them open and close on me. Can't put stuff in them when they are closed. Know what makes the problem worse? There is a timer. So waiting on trash cans to open can make you lose a level.

If you do not have a Wii U, then you can also play Ava and Avior Save The Earth on the iPhone, iPad, Google Play, and Amazon apps. So those users can learn about the joys of recycling. Which Ava and Avior Save The Earth never really taught me. They just told me to do it. I found no joy in doing it.
- Sam

UPDATE 05/05/2014


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 55%
Gameplay: 30%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Wii U
Publisher: 2020 Venture
Developer: 2020 Venture
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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