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1001 Spikes




1001 Spikes 


Has anyone explained to you what rage quitting is? It is where you become so frustrated, irritated, angry, aggravated, and agitated with something that you stop doing it. You stop doing it in anger. It is definitely better for you to quit than to continue the activity. What does that FFG PSA have to do with 1001 Spikes?

1001 Spikes is one of those games that is out to get you. This game will drop a block on you right before completing a level. Or spikes will kill you while you wait for a platform to come down to you. "YOU ARE DEAD," will appear on the screen over and over again. With every single mistake, and trick.

The good news is 1001 Spikes provides 1001 lives to the player. You will need them to get across all of the levels of this game. There are safe spots in this downloadable video game. Finding them will be key to your success. That is if you have the skills to play 1001 Spikes.

1001 Spikes is rated by the ESRB for THIRTEEN AND OLDER ONLY. You better be able to hardcore parkour to make it through 1001 Spikes. If you do not have intense gaming skills - save yourself some frustration and pass on 1001 Spikes.

1001 Spikes is one of those games that can generate real world anger. There is also blood, violence, plenty of death (of your little squat character), bad language, lack of respect for authority, and bad attitudes. 1001 Spikes is one of those games that can encourage rebellious behavior in teenagers.

As I played through as much of 1001 Spikes as my skills would allow I found myself paranoid. I expect anything and everything to be out to get me. Ultimately that is what 1001 Spikes taught me. Blocks will fall on me, spikes will come out of nowhere, and the floor will give way. I felt like the game found cheap, nasty ways to kill players.
- Mark


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: PS4/PS Vita/3DS/Wii U(tested)
Publisher: Nicalis
Developer: Nicalis
Rating: ‘T' - Teen 13+ and Older
{Blood, Violence, Mild Language}
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