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World Conqueror 3D




World Conqueror 3D


World Conqueror 3D is my kind of a video game. It is slow, methodical, and filled with strategy. Families take on the role of a country and try and conquer the others. Countries are separated out into territories on the maps. Players can use soldiers, tanks, and artillery. Each has their own uses and costs.

For being a war game World Conqueror 3D is very non-violent. When you initiate an attack, a little screen pops up. On one side of this pop up screen is your troops, and on the other is the opposing force. Dice are rolled based on how many troops there are. If three of your dice beat theirs, then they lose three troops. If they win the two left over dice then you lose two troops. Five dice can be rolled at the same time.

Troop movement is one of my favorite things in World Conqueror 3D. Most strategy games end the turn of the troops moving out of a territory, and what they move into. This is not the case in World Conqueror 3D. I had twenty tanks in one space. I moved ten tanks to the north territory, and ten to the south territory. This is important because it is so easy to send only one unit by accident. World Conqueror 3D lets players recover from that mistake and send more to the same space.

World Conqueror 3D has a Conquer mode and a campaign mode. Conquer is where you take a country and try and conquer the opposing countries. This 3DS game is based on World War II so you can just go after the Axis or the Allies depending on which side you are on. I found even allies attacked me. Maybe I attacked them first, but World Conqueror 3D lets you take out everyone. Campaign mode is part of the world map, and just certain countries.

World Conqueror 3D reminds me of Risk. Well a super powered Risk. Since we can assign different tactics to your troops. As well as upgrade them to go across oceans, and to fly overhead. Conquering an enemies capital earns you a lot of extra money. And ends their game. The more territories you have the more money you get every turn. Money purchases additional troops.

The computer does not cheat in World Conqueror 3D. The computer countries go after each other with as much zeal as they go after the player. Some even left me alone when I was obviously more powerful. Some were conquered quicker because they want after me before I planned on dealing with them. That mistake cost them.

The music in World Conqueror 3D is fantastic. At the door of being majestic. The 3D graphics look nice. They are not overbearing like some games. The strategy element in World Conqueror 3D is insane. World Conqueror 3D is ten times deeper and more involved than Risk. Which I appreciate.

I hope to see more games like World Conqueror 3D in the future. For years I have asked Conquer Club to release their amazing maps in a one player game. World Conqueror 3D goes beyond anything I ever played on Conquer Club. You will get your moneys worth out of World Conqueror 3D.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment
ating: ‘E’ for Everyone
{Mild Violence}
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