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Tokyo Crash Mobs




Tokyo Crash Mobs 


Nintendo comes out with some of the quirkiest games. Tokyo Crash Mobs is the strangest game I have played all year long. It is a Zuma kind of a game. Instead of gems though, we are throwing people. Yes people. These people are wearing specific colors and they are standing in a line. We must match three to get the line down.

Why do we care about the line? Because only the first ten are let into the building. So we have to match them away until they are all gone. Some of the levels has us start in the back of the line and work our way to the front. Other levels act like the traditional Zuma kind of action. They march from one point and try to get to another point.

Some of the obstacles in Tokyo Crash Mobs threw me for a loop. The people in the line will pass along a giant ball. If it makes it to the end it hurts our character and they can not launch other people for some time. I love how Tokyo Crash Mobs lets me throw over one area of the line to another area.

The photo-realistic is impressive on this little hand held. The people look great in Tokyo Crash Mobs, and Nintendo kept them family friendly - in terms of their attire. The sounds add to the originality of this Nintendo 3DS game. Tokyo Crash Mobs is a downloadable only game, which means you will not find it in any stores.

Tokyo Crash Mobs becomes difficult very quickly. Family members only have so much time to get through the level. Building combos is important since it will add a little bit of time - not enough for my tastes though.  Tokyo Crash Mobs does a fantastic job of teaching the player how to play the game, as well as offer suggestions for playing better.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 78%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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