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The Wonderful 101




The Wonderful 101 


Pikmin met The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They fell in love, got married and had a baby. That baby is The Wonderful 101. This is part Power Rangers, part Pikmin, and all campy 60s super heroes. Mix in a little Nintendo and you have yourself a Wii U game that hardcore gamers are going to worship.

The Wonderful 101 does what it can to bring in the casual gamers with an easy mode, and a very easy mode. In fact very easy mode references the player just wanting to get this over with. I think that mode may be for those of us in the gaming media.

I ran into one of the strangest things in The Wonderful 101 - a goddess statue. They have a statue in this game that is a lot like the statue of liberty but eastern religious beliefs were put on it instead of liberty statue or freedom statue. Which would have made more sense in terms of localization/regionalization. Nintendo missed a golden opportunity with that one.

Players control up to 100 characters in The Wonderful 101. Only a few of them have important super powers like a giant hand, sword, gun, whip, etc. Those are the Unite Morph powers. Ordinary citizens can be brought into the league of super heroes. They help build things like ladders, bridges, and those weapons.

Expect a high volume of violence in The Wonderful 101. We have to hack and slash our way through countless of these enemies. Many of them look the same too. As the game progresses more difficult versions of them come up. Like adding spikes to the enemies so we have to use the whip to defeat them come to mind.

There are also enticement to lust issues in The Wonderful 101. Comic books have never been known to be friendly to women so it is not much of a surprise. There are certain caricature types in The Wonderful 101. Those characters play to those types as any gamer would expect.

Characters in The Wonderful 101 will bicker and argue, as well as insult one another. It is obvious that certain personalities do not get along with other personalities. Just like in the real world, and real life. Characters in The Wonderful 101 wear this on their sleeve. At times their bickering can be comical.

The Unite Morph abilities and powers can be cool. There is a ton of stuff to unlock and purchase with in game currency. Certain areas will go to the Wii U Gamepad for game play. Usually when we go inside a building. This can be swapped.

I ran into some problems figuring out where to go on multiple missions in The Wonderful 101. This Wii U game is not always clear on where to go next, or what to do. If you get into the right spot in the area a hint will come up - which is usually helpful but not always. Drawing bridges and ladders does not always work on the first try. The short screen distance to draw from top to bottom exasperates matters. If you go into a building with the wrong morph weapon/character equipped it can be difficult to figure out how to swap.
- Mark


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes}
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