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The Lone Ranger




The Lone Ranger 


I did not see The Lone Ranger in theaters. I heard about it from others. I heard two main comments. The first was The Lone Ranger is racist against white people. The second was Johnny Depp did not make a good Tonto. Now that I have seen the 149 minute long movie I can see where those comments come from.

First and foremost I have been impressed with Johnny Depp's skills and talents as an actor for a long time. I thought he did a wonderful job in 21 Jump Street, and so many different movies I saw him in afterward. He is gifted - especially at playing odd characters.

With that said Tonto is not an odd character. He is a side kick. I was perplexed (before I saw the movie) as to how Johnny Depp would play second fiddle. He has been in the star role for so long. How would he step down and let someone else have the lime light?

The simple answer is he did not step down. The Lone Ranger has a complete role reversal from the mythos. It is like watching Robin carry Batman around in a movie called Batman. It is so backwards it is on the edge of being offensive. Tried and true Lone Ranger fans will be offended by this movie. Hollywood and its redefinition machine went wild in The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger goes out of its way to attack and make white people look bad. In this age of alleged tolerance and celebrating diversity it astounds me that it is considered okay to treat white people like dirt. It reminds me of what my grandmother talked about. She called certain people: "fork tongued devils." It means speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Or saying one thing and doing the opposite.

As an action adventure movie The Lone Ranger has its moments. At times the slow segments drag on way too long. Attempts at humor fall flat. The swinging around the train, and two trains with fights going on both are examples of where The Lone Ranger gets it right.

The Lone Ranger is a strong PG-13 movie. There is blood, disgusting images, enticement to lust, violence, and rambling on talk of spirits. A nasty bad guy has to be caught over and over again. Obviously trusting the government to meter out justice is a waste of time.

There are a couple of interesting bonus features on The Lone Ranger. Bloopers, deleted scenes, Riding the Rails, Western Road Trip, and Becoming a Cowboy come to mind. I really enjoyed seeing how they built their own railroad sections for this movie.

I can see why so many people did not like The Lone Ranger. I can also see why there are so many people offended by it. I am surprised Disney is the company that produced The Lone Ranger. They normally steer clear of controversy.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Disney
Rating: ‘PG-13’ for Parents Strongly Cautioned {for sequences of intense action and violence, and some suggestive material}
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