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Sweet Fuse At Your Side




Sweet Fuse At Your Side 


When my hubby asked me to check out Sweet Fuse At Your Side, I asked why. There is nothing on the PS Vita that interests me. He explained Sweet Fuse At Your Side is an interactive novel. That caught my eye. When I found out it was a romance story I was sold on trying it out.

This high school girl Saki is attending her uncles theme park opening. The theme park is based on a variety of different video game genres. Count Hogstein hijacks the opening and takes hostages. He then picks seven people to play seven games. If they win, he will not blow up the theme park. There are also seven areas in the theme park. The number seven is very prominent in this hand held game.

Saki is the only member of the seven who volunteers since she wants to save her uncle. She is thrown together with six stereotypical male archetypes. Along the way she earns affection points for the different men. Sweet Fuse At Your Side claims the six men are attractive, but honestly few of them did anything for me. Maybe because I am a married woman with the man of my dreams already.

The main thing we do in Sweet Fuse At Your Side is read. We read the lengthy dialogue between the characters. Everybody seems to have something to say in almost every single situation. We also have to choose between two different courses of action. These usually deal with the affection points.

There are explosive incidents in Sweet Fuse At Your Side. This is where the team missed something and you must pick out the right words for a clue. You can fail this and have to redo it. Just pick different words the next time. Remember Sweet Fuse At Your Side is an interactive novel. Not really a game.

Sweet Fuse At Your Side is bright and colorful. There are different kinds of characters, including some that are not appropriate to talk about in front of children. Hence the Teen rating. As well as some violent images, and blood. The characters in Sweet Fuse At Your Side are always in peril.

The text can be skipped if you feel like missing all of the reading. This option worked great in Sweet Fuse At Your Side. At times certain characters can drone on. Especially if you do not want Saki to pursue a relationship with them in this PS Vita game. The more interest you express in one bachelor the more the story leans towards them.

The biggest problem with Sweet Fuse At Your Side is the language. Some of these men have nasty, rude, ugly, disgraceful tongues. They can offend almost every single time they open their mouths. Again a wide array of certain stereotypes are presented. Sexism or perceived sexism is a part of this hand held video game.

Sweet Fuse At Your Side is a different kind of a game, and one that could reach the female audience. The problem is the language. The peril in all the death traps is understandable. As is some of them will take damage. An option to avoid the potty mouths would reach the female audience better in my opinion.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 58%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%

System: PSP/PS Vita(tested)
Publisher: Aksys Games
Rating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Blood, Language, Mild Violence, Use of Tobacco}
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