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Space Hulk




Space Hulk 


Space Hulk on the Personal Computer and Macintosh came from a board game. Not all board games can make good video games. Different people will have a different vision of what a video game version of a board game will look like. What does not change is the core content of the game, and how it looks.

Space Hulk is dark and dank looking. The grainy graphics can lead to a headache. Add violent images that splatter into blood, and well its not the most family friendly thing out there. Space Hulk actually winds up on the bottom side of the family friendly pile.

The camera on the upper right hand side of the screen is interesting. It shows what the character being moved sees. Players can watch the bullets riddle the alien as they walk towards it. There is lag between the main screen and that little screen in the upper right hand side.

The voices used in Space Hulk are gruff, tough, and lacking in any areas of sensitivity. Another way of looking at it, is they are not the cuddly kind of personalities that bring forth a sense of safety. They are out for vengeance too. Revenge is such a worthless expenditure of time. Space Hulk teaches the opposite.

Space Hulk is difficult. Even on the easier settings it is one tough game. Not only tough but also a bit on the confusing side. Some things did not work as expected, others worked better. Players need to replay levels in Space Hulk thanks to failures. Then they will restart it from the beginning. This eats up time and lacks efficiency. Other turn based strategy games let players keep their progress when they replay a level. Space Hulk is not kind to players in this area though.

Space Hulk is for the oldest members of the family who can deal with massive amounts of disappointment, frustration, and irritation. Another reason Space Hulk is for the older members is the level of adult only content - like the blood and high levels of violence.


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Mac/PC(tested)
Publisher: Full Control
ating: Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated
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