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Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons




Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons 


I need to stop saying this show or that show is the strangest I have ever seen. Why? It seems like creators of television shows are trying to top one another. They keep pushing the envelope further and further in that direction. Take Regular Show for instance. This show is strange. This show is odd. There is nothing regular about it.

Family Friendly Gaming was recently blessed with a reviewable copy of Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons on Blu-ray. It follows the exploits of Mordecai and Rigby. They are two park groundskeepers who slack off most of the time. They have a weakness for video games and professional wrestling.

Mordecai is some kind of a bird, and Rigby is a raccoon I think. Their boss is a gumball machine. Other characters are a ghost, a green muscle man, a half ape, half human thing. Normal human characters are in Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons. Many of them get killed off in various episodes.

Characters in Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons insult one another frequently. There is one character who answers questions with: "My MOM!" They like to scream "ooooooooohhh", and go hm, hm, hm, hm a little too often for my taste. Both of those last two are annoying.

Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons is a worldly teenager show in my mind. I would let not kids under thirteen watch it. The sexual references, pranks, parties, insults of our elders, selfishness, supporting lying, being wasteful, lazy, slacking off, violence, death, bad language, and gross humor are not for kids.

Many of the episodes in Regular Show The Complete First & Second Seasons contain some kind of magical or supernatural element. These are usually on the odd side - which matches the art work. The voice acting is good at times, and annoying at other points. There are plenty of bonus features, and episodes on these two discs.
- Paul


Graphics: 61%
Sound: 66%
Replay/Extras: 87%
Gameplay: 72%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Blu-ray
Publisher: Cartoon Network
ating: Rating: ‘TV-PG’ - This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children under the age of 10
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