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New Super Luigi U




New Super Luigi U 


Are you one of the gamers who said: "New Super Mario Bros U is too easy?" Did you want the difficulty cranked up a notch or two? or thirty? If so, Nintendo has some DLC for you - New Super Luigi U. This is an add on to New Super Mario Bros U. Later this year Nintendo plans to release a stand alone version - which means you won't need New Super Mario Bros U to play it.

Hardcore gamers can rejoice that one of the most difficult Mario home console video games has been released. If you think I am exaggerating then all you need to do is check out the Miiverse message board for New Super Luigi U. Or you can read comments from other gamers while playing this Wii U game.

The map in New Super Luigi U looks identical to the map in the main game. The levels are different though. Luigi plays differently which is important in this game that gives you 100 seconds to beat each level. End bosses will provide more time right before you face them.

With less time, Nintendo needed to make additional changes to New Super Luigi U. The levels are generally much shorter in this downloadable content. The difficulty is tweaked to the max. New Super Luigi U is one hard video game. This Wii U game can lead to irritation, frustration, aggravation and even real world anger.

One of the best uses of New Super Luigi U is to assist families with controlling their anger. I am a very laid back person. New Super Luigi U made me angry so often that I now think I have anger issues. New Super Luigi U has been helping me learn how to let go of my anger.

New Super Luigi U is extremely difficult. It is easy to die in this game in a wide variety of ways. The levels are designed to be as challenging as possible. Families need to be aware of how tough New Super Luigi U is. This is not like New Super Mario Bros U. If you can adapt to how Luigi plays, and the other changes then you can take on New Super Luigi U.
- Sam


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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