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March of the Eagles




March of the Eagles 


Have you ever had the desire to take on the roles of one of the major countries of the world during the Napoleonic Wars? Yeah, me neither. However if you ever did then Paradox Interactive has you covered with March of the Eagles. All of the things we have come to love from these strategy games is present and accounted for.

March of the Eagles will let you conquer your enemies with military might, or you can use diplomacy. Really tricky players will use diplomacy and then stab them in the back. I personally refuse to do that since I play in a moral and ethical way. I also believe God will judge all of the actions in my life whether they are done in the real world or a fantasy one.

March of the Eagles can be as fast or as slow as you want it. There is a pause button to get your feel for things, move your troops around, and perform a variety of other functions. Once you are ready you can have the game move at a variety of speeds. I loved cranking March of the Eagles up to five and watching the fur fly. Be careful because it can be difficult to change strategies at that speed.

Troops that occupy the same providence will start to fight one another. They each have so many troops and that number dwindles as the battle continues. Troops can also assault fortresses and cities. Beating them will earn you that providence. Of course you could just keep troops there for enough time and they will starve to death from the siege.

The key to March of the Eagles is to comprehend the different choices and how they impact the world around you. Conquering the world is one way to win March of the Eagles. If you can't do it by 1820 though, the game decides it is time for a rest. This can impact the strategies you will employ.

March of the Eagles does not force players to play the tutorial. I advise cerebral family members go through it to learn important tips. Like how to move the troops from one providence to another one. The same can be said for reading diplomatic and military messages that will pop up.

The sum of my experience with March of the Eagles was a very positive one. I feel smarter already thanks to this game. Maybe the bloated government could learn how to enact spending cuts if they played March of the Eagles for a few weeks. Okay, maybe not, but it was worth a shot.
- Sam


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
ating: Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated
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