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MLB 2K13 


I rented MLB 2K13 so Family Friendly Gaming could have a review. I wanted to provide for the Family Friendly Gaming Nation. I found one at Red Box and played it to death. I hope my review helps you with your purchase or no purchase decision.

The most important thing I can tell you about MLB 2K13 is the controls suck. No wonder they are giving away a million dollars for the most perfect game pitched. It is the only way they can bring sports gamers in. Put this game side by side with MLB 13 The Show, and you will play The Show. MLB 2K13 is a distant second only because there is no other competition.

I feel sorry for baseball gamers who only have a Xbox 360. MLB 2K13 is the only game you have. Microsoft really needs to step up to the plate and get another game on their system. The lack of competition shows in MLB 2K13. The developers and designers are lazy in so many aspects of the game.

The announcers are annoying in MLB 2K13. They never shut up, and routinely make you feel two inches tall. That is if you play on the default starting mode in MLB 2K13 - which is Pro. I took a good team, and played a lousy team. They stomped me, and kept trashing me. I checked settings and found out MLB 2K13 put me in a tough mode. There was no checking at the beginning or making sure I did not want to start in Rookie mode. It just decides you must want to be humiliated.

The graphics in MLB 2K13 impressed me in some parts, and did not in others. Certain player faces looked good (not as good as MLB 13 The Show), but the fields did not look that great. The presentation in MLB 2K13 is okay. Not super great, but not totally pathetic either.

Every time I pitched or batted in MLB 2K13 I was aggravated. I was annoying by having to turn all the songs off, and somehow turned off the announcers at the same time. Not that I am complaining since they were another source of annoyance. There is a huge difference between the difficulty settings. In Pro the opposing team was always in the right spot, and my defense was never in the right spot. My batters kept hitting right to the other team. Their batters hit into huge holes and my half asleep fields jogged to the ball. Their fielders threw out a runner who hit it into the outfield before he reached first base.

There are an average amount of extras, bonuses, modes, and features in MLB 2K13. I hate to do it, but MLB 2K13 is outclassed in this area by MLB 13 The Show yet again. Ultimately MLB 2K13 is the minor leagues and MLB 13 The Show is the major leagues. Save up your money for Sony's product.
- Mark


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: PS3/Xbox 360(tested)
Publisher: 2K Sports
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone

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