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MLB 13 The Show PS3 


The fans are on their feet, cheering as that grand slam home run wins the game for the home team. There is an awe throughout the entire stadium as the pitcher is one strike away from a perfect game. Moments like these can be relived in MLB 13 The Show on the Playstation 3. Moments like these and so much more.

MLB 13 The Show is the only baseball video game worth your time and money. This game is a system seller. The entire franchise is a system seller. The connectivity to the PS Vita should boost sales of that hand held. There is something so awesome about saving your game on one system, and picking up the action on the other one.

My favorite new feature in MLB 13 The Show is The Post Season Mode. This fast tracks you through a season, and puts you into the Post Season. You can control one team, or all ten. Meaning you can effect the outcome of which teams make it to the World Series. You can quickly create your dream World Series.

Up to four family members can enjoy MLB 13 The Show on the PS3 at the same time. Some of them can have regular controllers and others can use Move controllers. I like the feel of the Move controller for batting, but am not as sold on it for pitching. I prefer using the regular controller for pitching.

Sony has listened to casual and family gamers, and created an all new Beginner Mode in MLB 13 The Show. This makes this home console baseball game accessible to more people.This is a great mode for kids who may not be that versed in the game of baseball. Beginner Mode is a fantastic inclusion in MLB 13 The Show.

Multiple online modes are showcased in MLB 13 The Show. You can have your leagues, and also Diamond Dynasty. But that is not all - online Leaderboards so you can compare your stats to other players. You can even take the Home Run Derby online if you choose to.

The presentation in MLB 13 The Show is top notch. There are so many things that Sony added this year. There are new animations, shadows, and more. I loved seeing the guys cleaning up the dirt after the game was over with. Topps card of the player of the game was another neat aspect of MLB 13 The Show.

The addition of Steve Lyons to the booth is fantastic. The accuracy of the comments in MLB 13 The Show is very high. Every so often I caught them being wrong. But those were few and far between. The comments were timely and interesting. Like when he told me Felix Hernandez struck out sixteen batters. Or he pulled the hat trick on a batter.

The improved button accuracy is noticeable in MLB 13 The Show. What else is noticeable is the new Push/Pull Hitting Trajectories Engine. MLB 13 The Show is such a fun, and impressive home console baseball game. I always felt in control as the pitcher and as the batter.

Sony has hit it out of the park with MLB 13 The Show.
- Frank


Graphics: 100%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 98%

System: Playstation 3
Publisher: Sony
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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