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Limbo has made it to the PS Vita. This is a testament to the technology of that little hand held. Unfortunately it makes this nightmarish game even more difficult to play. Why is that? Because things are even harder to see on the small screen. The black and white flickering graphics contribute as well.

I know Limbo on the Xbox 360 was an extremely controversial game. There were all kinds of vicious attacks against Family Friendly Gaming because this gaming site dared to think outside the box. I agree with that decision, and thought the review was a little too kind to the game. Hence my score is much lower.

Limbo is disgusting on multiple different levels. There is the whole spiritual aspect of this game that flies in the face of accepted doctrine. I can only assume it was put there to try and confuse those who are not firmly rooted in the Word of God. Then there is all the blood, gore, and death.

The character in Limbo dies repeatedly until the player find the right solution to the puzzles. He can be impaled, sliced up, squashed, drowned, and more. I find it amazing that it takes all kinds of offensive content to qualify as art in the mouths of those video game zealots.

Limbo can easily provide headaches due to all the death sequences. The eye straining graphics are the second contributor to migraines. The mood and atmosphere is way too quiet. That is until there is something to destroy the playable character. The puzzles rarely make sense - at least not to me.

What makes Limbo on the PS Vita even worse is that halfway gore filter is gone. Which makes me wonder why this hand held game was not given the macabre and morbid rating. I would keep Limbo away from kids, and teenagers. It can easily twist minds and create all kinds of real world problems.
- Luke


Graphics: 45%
Sound: 58%
Replay/Extras: 61%
Gameplay: 67%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: PS Vita
Publisher: Playdead
Rating: ‘T’ -Teen
{Animated Blood, Mild Violence}
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