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Hero of the Kingdom




Hero of the Kingdom 


The big buzz phrase this year is: "Indie Games." There has been a monumental marketing blitz and push for independent games. Even large publishers have been picking up and publishing games from smaller developers. Hero of the Kingdom enters into the industry in this atmosphere.

There are a couple of things that really intrigued me about Hero of the Kingdom. Your father gets kidnapped by bandits, and you go on a quest to save him. Along the way there are so many people to help. And there are many others that will help you. This gives Hero of the Kingdom a feeling of community.

We hunt, fish, fight off predators, and more in Hero of the Kingdom. All of this is done easily with the mouse. Through visual cues we can see which areas we can interact with next. We have to buy food before we can sleep. Everything in this PC game revolves around some resource.

Your character uses up hearts doing activities. If you do not have enough then you have to sleep. Sleeping on the ground is free, but only earns you ten hearts. Sleeping in an inn provides twenty hearts. Most objectives require more than one resource. Say you want to fix the mill. You need enough wood, the right tool, and enough hearts to perform it.

Characters in Hero of the Kingdom reward the player for their hard work. Kill the wolves and they thank you with stars and gifts of food. The same goes for clearing the boars out, or finding all their sheep. It is easy to get lost in the various quests. I had to remind myself of the main mission.

My biggest problem with Hero of the Kingdom is everything has only so many uses. This can lead to issues when the player has few resources. A casual mode would have been nice for less experienced gamers. I hated having to purchase a basket every time I needed to pick herbs or flowers. My last basket should have been fine.

All in all I found Hero of the Kingdom a very pleasurable experience on the Personal Computer. I love helping people, and this indie game lets you do that in spades. I was not thrilled about the ghost or mild amounts of blood when killing animals. Both of those are minimal though.
- Paul


Graphics: 77%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 83%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Lonely Troops
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated
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