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Gummy Bears Magical Medallion




Gummy Bears Magical Medallion 


How many of the Family Friendly Gaming Nation members remember Gummy Bears Magical Medallion on the Wii? It is now on the Nintendo 3DS. You know you liked it, you loved it, you wanted more of it. Who out there does not like Gummy Bears in 3D? And it is now portable so you can take it on the go.

Gummy Bears Magical Medallion on the 3DS is a downloadable title from the Nintendo eShop. The 3D effects completely freaked me out. I had to turn them down, and eventually off. Some of the scaling and rotation made my head feel funny. And not a good kind of funny either.

The bears are cute and cuddly. The environments are very safe for families. Gummy Bears Magical Medallion does have quite a bit of repetitive graphics in it. We can jump on enemies twice to make them go away. If we move the screen left or right and go back, the enemies will re-spawned.

One thing about Gummy Bears Magical Medallion that I find odd is the lack of any ESRB descriptors. We jump on enemies heads to make them vanish. Pillars of blocks can fall on our gummy bear, water can wash us away, and more. The Wii version (which is essentially the same game) had Comic Mischief. Did the ESRB forget how to add descriptors? Or have their standards changed?

The music in Gummy Bears Magical Medallion feels majestic. It can get on your nerves if you keep dying over and over again though. Gummy Bears Magical Medallion lets players pick up from where they last left off so that is nice. Taking a hit creates a happy horn sound, so it is hard to get mad about being belly bounced like that.

The controls in Gummy Bears Magical Medallion feel a little sluggish at times. As long as I was moving and progressing it felt fine. At times when I stopped on small platforms and had to start again I had problems. That was until I found the double jump. Then I could usually save myself. There are a few scary blind jumps the player needs to make.

There are arrows in Gummy Bears Magical Medallion to show players which direction to go. I did find myself in places that I could not tell which way to go. So I went one way for a bit before I found out it was the wrong way. Levels are generally short enough for a hand held. A few of them felt a bit too long.
- Paul


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Enjoy Gaming
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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