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Gravity Rush 


Gravity Rush may be the ugliest looking launch title on the Playstation Vita. The cel shading in 3D has never ever worked for me. Add the floating and falling, and its a recipe for failure. There are a few other problems with Gravity Rush otherwise my review would be completely done.

Gravity Rush is in this odd world where there are certain characters with the power to manipulate gravity. But only for themselves. How do you do it? Well you hit a button on the PS Vita. Then we are floating around. We then move around until we line up where we want to land. This could be a wall, ceiling, etc. Once we hit the right button we are flying towards what is now the new floor. Again this may be a wall or ceiling. That becomes the new spot where gravity is.

If Gravity Rush sounds confusing to you, don’t worry about it. The in game tutorial explains how to use the controls. And it does a fantastic job of teaching. What is more confusing is trying to figure out what to do next in Gravity Rush. Why? Gravity Rush does not always explain what is next. There are a variety of things to do on the maps.

Gravity Rush includes combat. We have to destroy these ugly looking creatures who mysteriously arrive in town. The fighting in Gravity Rush is boring. We also are exposed to enticement to lust in Gravity Rush. The unhealthy obsession with using women as sexual objects puts Gravity Rush into a free fall. And not the Tom Petty kind.

Gems can be found in a variety of locations in Gravity Rush. They are used to unlock aspects of the town. Which grants the players more areas to do quests in. The lack of guidance after the tutorial in Gravity Rush is aggravating.

Gravity Rush paints an ugly picture of so many down and out people. Slums would accurately describe some of the areas in Gravity Rush. Our character makes her home in the sewers. And she is not a mutant turtle. She might be a teenager. She has a magical black cat with her that helps with the gravity shifting.

Shifting gravity is fun for about five minutes. After that Gravity Rush becomes a pointless game. Especially when players have to deal with the bar that slowly depletes when gravity shifting is being used. When it hits zero you fall back to normal earth. I feel like my money was wasted on Gravity Rush.
- Mark


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Gameplay: 56%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PS Vita
Publisher: Sony

Rating: ‘T’ for Teen
{Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive  Themes, Use of Alcohol}

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