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Gas Guzzlers Extreme




Gas Guzzlers Extreme 


Gas Guzzlers Extreme on the Personal Computer (PC) looks amazing. From the chickens, to the rocks, roads, and the cars. This is one stunningly good look game. But like those good looking cheerleaders in high school, there is not much substance behind the good looks. You can only look at something for so long. Eventually you have to interact.

Do not misunderstand me. Gas Guzzlers Extreme has features, and customizations that will keep hardcore gamers happy. It has issues and problems that will send you to therapy though. That couch may be comfy, and you might want to nap while droning on about your problems. Resist that temptation though.

The controls in Gas Guzzlers Extreme are way too loose. The PC game controller Family Friendly Gaming has was not recognized by this game. So it was to the keyboard. I wondered why the computer cars kept fish tailing down the road. Then I found the keys to move and understood why.

The lag in the controls is crazy. At first I thought it was the graphics so I went into the lowest resolution the game has. It was a bit better, but not much. Plus using those arrow keys to drive a car is not very intelligent. Sorry about that, but it is true. My level of frustration went through the sunroof.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme tries to be funny in a crude, and rude junior high kind of way. I was not amused with the sexual jokes in Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Content like that will immediately exclude the family audience. Which is way larger than the hardcore gamer audience if you were keeping score.

There are parts of the races in Gas Guzzlers Extreme that are clean racing, and other parts where you launch weapons at other cars. This actually became pointless. I found it was smarter to get in first place and keep going. Every so many laps I would run across the other cars when I was like two minutes ahead or something.

I am the third member of Family Friendly Gaming to play Gas Guzzlers Extreme. The other two had to stop due to headaches caused by the game. I too felt a little woozy after playing this game in thirty minute sessions. The controls need a major clean up, and then maybe it can graduate to the home consoles.
- Luke


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 50%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Gamepires
ating: Rating: ‘RP’ - Rating Pending
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