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Fifa 14 


Another year has gone by and it is time to review the Fifa franchise again. This year it is Fifa 14 for I guess 2014. Although we are still in 2013, and have over three months to go to hit 2014. I did not come up with the years on these sports game. I just find it interesting that many of them are a year ahead.

So what does Fifa 14 focus on? Precision Movement, Pure Shot, Real Ball Physics, Protect the Ball, Teammate intelligence, Sprint Dribbles, Variable Dribble Touches, over thirty officially licensed leagues, more than 600 clubs, and 16,000 players. Some of those may sound familiar from last year.

As you would expect you can play your favorite team, have a career, create a player, play online, enjoy Fifa Ultimate Team, improve your skills thanks to the Skill Games, and more. The core of Fifa 14 is soccer. So you must enjoy soccer to get your moneys worth out of this home console game.

Family Friendly Gaming has been a long time supporter of Kinect. Games play better thanks to the Kinect Sensor. Fifa 14 is no exception. Telling the game to change formation, bring in substitutes, and adjusting tactics is priceless. This keeps the game flowing.

I learned the key to winning in Fifa 14. Would you like for me to share my little secret? Taking shots, and maintaining a high percentage of shots on the target. Look the goalie is going to stop some of your shots. That is okay. The more you take the higher your chances are that you will score. Look at it like this - a goalie stops 70% of your shots. If you take ten shots that means you made three goals. In soccer that can be a win.

It can be difficult to learn when Fifa 14 is going to swap defenders on you. I was chasing a guy down, and then the game moved me to the player in front. This happened so many times in Fifa 14 that I learned to adjust. I let go of one guy, and watched it swap to the guy in front. This gave me the opportunity to challenge the other player. Many times those challenges resulted in the ball changing hands.

In order to show the field, Fifa 14 has small graphics mainly. Replays are when players can see details like the rain dropping, facial features, uniforms and more. Players will knock one another down jockeying for position. At times the referees called a penalty.

The announcers in Fifa 14 do a wonderful job of relaying emotion and what is going on. They also encourage players to play clean and fair. This is fantastic to see. The music in Fifa 14 is all or nothing which is really odd for EA. Normally they give players the option of turning off a song here or a song there. There are songs in Fifa 14 I like and some I can not stand. So not being able to turn off select songs felt weird.

Fifa 14 is a solid entry into the soccer field. Fifa 14 recovers from some of the mis-steps of last years game. At least I have not found or heard about any scandals related to Fifa 14. If that changes I will quickly update my review to reflect that.
- Frank


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: PC/PS3/Xbox 360(Tested)
Publisher: EA Sports
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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