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Drip Drip




Drip Drip 


There were some people who did not like the decision to invest in an awesome gaming Personal Computer (PC). There are some people that want to declare PC gaming dead. All of those people are going to miss an amazing game called Drip Drip. The concept is simple, and fleshed out extremely well.

Families need to protect their houses in Drip Drip. There are places in the house that will drip water. We place pans and buckets to hold the water. When they fill up we dump the water out the window. Pipes may burst and we use a hammer to repair them. If the ceiling of one floor caves into the floor below we use a broom to clean up the mess.

Players have to watch out for a couple of things in Drip Drip. UFO's will appear in the house and try to steal objects - like our buckets. The same thing will happen with ghosts. Drip Drip does not let us call Ghostbusters. Nor are we allowed to pray them away as the Holy Bible teaches. We get to move the objects out of their vicinity to save them.

Drip Drip includes multiple levels. I recommend going through the tutorial and trying out the easiest setting to get the feel of this PC game. Then when you are ready for a challenge tweak the difficulty. Drip Drip feels like a time management game to me. We are constantly moving around to different parts of the house fixing problems that crop up.

The visuals in Drip Drip are very cute. I enjoyed seeing the graphics while playing. The water effects are neat, and the lightning effects are shocking. Sorry for the pun. The music and audio effects in Drip Drip fit the theme masterfully. It sounds like rain falling, and lightning striking. I loved it.

Drip Drip is one of the best PC games I have played all year long. I am so thankful that I was provided the opportunity to play and review this game. It is a fun, non-violent game that everyone in the family can enjoy. Drip Drip is a game that I hope gets ported over to other platforms. It is worth your time to play Drip Drip.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 98%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%

System: PC
Publisher: Imminent Games
ating: Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated
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