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Dream Chaser 


Dream Chaser is a runner on the iPhone/iPod Touch that tries to distinguish itself in a few ways. First it has this odd storyline all about these spirits and false gods. I tried to follow it, but my brain tuned out at some point with all the strange names. It has a story mode and an endless mode.

The story mode in Dream Chaser is awesome. The running levels actually end. On the flip side there is almost always something we are expected to do or collect. So it is not complete freedom. Now the endless allows for more freedom, but it only ends when you die. And die you will.

The graphics range from some neat effects to some bland, and repetitive graphics. Things like the walls, ground, and objects to block us repeat over and over again. The same thing goes for these orbs we collect, and the holes we fall into. There are rune looking characters on the walls which attract attention for a few seconds. At least until you die from marveling at them. Then you tune them out.

Dream Chaser has spooky sounds. Maybe that fits into the whole false gods thing, and the tower that was torn down. Maybe it is just me, but collecting stuff while walking would make more logical sense.  But that would amplify the boring nature to runners. No offense meant to those who enjoy runner games. I find them boring.

Dream Chaser does a neat job of explaining the different skills in the levels. I had some lag issues here and there with my iPhone. The tilting worked great, but the jumping was not always as accurate as I would have liked. I approve of the story mode, and wish more runners did it.
- Luke


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 66%
Replay/Extras: 74%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Chillingo
Rating: ‘4+' - 4+
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