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Doodle Jump Adventures




Doodle Jump Adventures 


Doodle Jump Adventures is the latest release in the Doodle Jump franchise. Numerous apps are making their way to the Nintendo 3DS. Why? Because they want to be in 3D. And because you can download them, or buying a cartridge in a store. Note the cartridge comes inside a case.

We have this strange looking creature that jumps in Doodle Jump Adventures. He hops up platforms. Players need to be careful because some platforms disappear after one use. Others will break on the first try. There are also enemies who will get in your way. One mistake and it is back to the last continuation point.

The graphics in Doodle Jump Adventures look like something a third grader would draw. Your strange looking creature can shoot out of his extremely long nose. He can shoot straight up, diagonally to the right, and diagonally to the left. It is tough to hit anything while bouncing up and down unless it is directly above you.

Doodle Jump Adventures has an app feel that has been converted to a more home console experience. Players go through levels, and beat bosses. The whole one hit kills is what really gets to me. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge how high your guy will jump. Especially when certain power ups are hit.

Is Doodle Jump Adventures worth it? The price will determine that. I think Doodle Jump Adventures is a great game for ten dollars. Maybe as high as fifteen dollars. There is enough content, and modes to warrant that price. Plus this franchise can be found on other platforms like iOS, and Xbox 360 Kinect. Those versions have really low prices too.

The gyroscope controls work marvelously on the Nintendo 3DS. The music in Doodle Jump Adventures is nice. I appreciate the intelligent level design, as well as the design of the different worlds. I hope to see more games like Doodle Jump Adventures in the coming years.
- Sam


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 78%

System: Nintendo 3DS(tested)
Publisher: GameMill Entertainment
ating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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