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Disney Mickeys Typing Adventure




Disney Mickeys Typing Adventure 


One thing Personal Computers and Macintosh computers do really well is teach things. Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure is a prime example. This learning game can help kids learn to type. They do so in the exciting world of Typelandia. Okay that may be a bit corny, but the younger members of the family do not mind.

Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure has a nice soft look to it. Numerous Disney characters are found in Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure. They look a lot like the characters do on the television shows and movies. I did noticed they do not animate the same. There is something off at times when watching the characters. I noticed this mainly when they were talking.

The instructions in Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure are fantastic. The music is good, and I enjoyed hearing the voices. Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure tells the learner what to do, and will also show them a picture. I found it important to pay attention to the instructions.

There are one hundred and sixty lessons in Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure. There are seven different little learning games on top of the lessons. Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure is adjustable for a wide array of skill sets. This game does not overwhelm the player with too many letters at a time. It progresses at a very structured pace.

I learned to type many years ago. I no longer even think about where the keys are. It comes naturally as I am writing. What I noticed about Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure is the lessons teach where the keys are. This threw me for a loop because I never type the 'F' key three times in a row, and then the 'D' key three times in a row. This is great for learning it, but if you know it you will want to skip early lessons.

The mini games in Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure are Target Typing, Spelunking, Coin Catch, Quack Cottage, Run Pluto Run, Gopher Mania, and Mickey Mouse and the Pyramid of Peril. We let some kids try Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure, and they absolutely loved going through the lessons and learning the keys. Even one who claimed he did not need to know how to type.
- Paul


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: PC/MAC
Publisher: Individual Software
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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