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Disney Infinity 


There has been massive hype over the launch of Disney Infinity on the Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. The hype has been so intense that expectations of Disney Infinity have been raised to levels that are impossible to reach. The expectations have been Disney Infinity will be the best game of the entire century.

Disney Interactive was not first in terms of releasing a toy video game hybrid. They do have the resources and source material (Disney franchises) to compete with Skylanders. Can Disney Infinity knock Activision's cash cow down a few notches? My answer to that is coming later in this review.

The starter pack to Disney Infinity comes with the game, portal pad, Sully (Monsters University), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Mr Incredible (The Incredibles), and the orb with a playset for each of the three characters. Meaning a game play world for Monsters, Pirates, and Incredibles.

Each game play world or playset contains around six to ten hours of game play. There are numerous missions to play, and Toy Box content to be found. The Toy Box is where Disney Infinity is the most interesting. This is a sandbox world where your family can create whatever they want. Would you like a race track? You can build it. A football field? You can build it. As long as you have purchased and unlocked the content. That means spending time in the playsets.

The cost of the Starter Pack is comparable with the Skylander's portal with three characters. The additional characters cost a lot more with Disney Infinity though. Additional worlds also cost a lot more. Thankfully they are being discounted by some retailers. The Cars playset interested me personally.

Why is Cars such a big deal here at Family Friendly Gaming? The THQ games are members of the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. So anything Cars related gets our attention. The Cars playset impressed me. In fact more so than the ones in the starter pack. Plus Cars is way less violent than Pirates and Incredibles.

Families are going to run into a couple of issues when it comes to Disney Infinity. The first problem is only characters from that world can be played in that playset. Captain Jack can not enter the Incredibles world. So from the starter pack, the only way to play together is in the Toy Box. That is until you fork out thirteen dollars for another character from that world.

Another problem families will run into is a poor guidance system and occasional glitches. There is a show me button that points toward your destination in a mission. It points directly to it. Meaning if there is a building in your way it points you straight through the building. You can't go through the building. You have to go around it. This becomes even worse when there are only a few ways to say the rooftops. Finding how to get up there is annoying. Especially when it is five buildings down, and across a street - oh and on the alley side. While you are trying to find your way robots keeping falling out of the sky and attacking you.

There are also invisible walls stopping you from getting to certain places. I was in a mission to get to an island I had not built a bridge to yet. I could use the hover board and jump across. However the game stopped me with an invisible wall on the other side. I had to go and find the mission that let me purchase the bridge to get to that island. Disney Infinity should have told me I needed to complete some other mission first, and point me to where that mission was.

The Power Discs are one of the coolest features of Disney Infinity. They are placed on the playset spot to change the theme, or give certain characters a special skill. Multiple power discs can be used at the same time. Which is a fun way to change the look of your Toy Box.

Does Disney Infinity knock Skylanders out of the park? No. It is a solid title that families can enjoy? Yes. It is on the pricey side? Yes. If some of the glitches can be fixed, then Disney Infinity could be a real contender. The Toy Box mode is its real selling point. I just wish it was not so limited and small. The storylines could have used some more attention as well.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/Wii U(tested)
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Cartoon Violence}

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