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DC Universe Online 


It has been a long time since I enjoyed an online game. Most of them drain away funds just to grind monotonously. Getting to play a super hero in the DC Universe caught my eye. So I purchased DC Universe Online on the PS3 recently. The storyline is fascinating. Lex Luthor comes from the future to warn us that Brainiac will conquer the earth. Lex sends little machines that contain the powers of various super heroes. We create our character and then break free of Brainiacs ship. At this point we have to follow the different missions to progress the storyline.

The core of DC Universe Online is fighting. We go after goons from a variety of super villains. Since this is an online game we share these enemies with other players. They respawn quickly so sometimes completing missions around others is a good idea. DC Universe Online includes enticement to lust - high frequency, and blood. This is on top of the previously mentioned violent content. The cities look nice in DC Universe Online, even though many have been destroyed in specific areas.

I enjoy the various voice actors in DC Universe Online. They do a great job of adding continuity to this online game. The bad language is something I could have done without. The lack of good language filters is another problem - as other players can have foul mouths.

DC Universe Online contains a variety of missions, huge areas, skills, and powers. Our character has to have a mentor - someone like Superman or Batman. No we can not play those characters. We can fight side by side with them in certain missions. But we can have multiple characters. Certain content in DC Universe Online requires real world dollars to purchase.

My biggest beef with DC Universe Online is direction. I ran into all kinds of issues figuring out where to go. The text on the screen is way too small. Obviously DC Universe Online was designed with the PC in mind, and not the consoles. Most missions has us destroying something and/or killing so many of a certain kind of character. This gets boring really fast.

DC Universe Online requires 16 gigs, and took over four hours to install the first time I played it. Both of these are real downers. I applaud Sony for putting this game on the PS3 and for allowing us to avoid player versus player combat if we are not into that. Ultimately DC Universe Online is a boring and repetitive game. The only excitement is leveling up and getting new skills. It is easy to get lost in this game too.
- Paul


Graphics: 51%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 27%
Family Friendly Factor: 44%

System: PC/PS3(tested)
Publisher: SOE

Rating:   ‘T’ - Teen
{Mild Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence}

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