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When you were a kid did you ever line up toys and throw missiles at your sibling or friends toys? Maybe a cat or dog came over and knocked some of the toys over and ya'll got in argument over whether those toys were in or out. Ah fond memories of childhood. CastleStorm is sort of like that.

We have a castle and we are launching projectiles at the enemy castle. We also can launch objects at the troops marching toward our castle. CastleStorm does not stop there. We have to send troops out to combat the enemy troops. CastleStorm is part Angry Birds, part medieval war strategy, and all campy.

CastleStorm has a tongue in cheek kind of humor. There are some crude comments, and bad attitudes sparsed throughout. The blood and the violence add to this mixture to earn the thirteen and older only rating from the ESRB. The violence can be lengthy and blood flies every time we hit an enemy.

Older members of the family are able to play CastleStorm in a variety of different ways. There are a variety of different modes, features, and options in this Xbox 360 home video game. CastleStorm did not take too long to download, and does not take up a lot of space on the hard drive.

Lining up enemies to shoot them can be difficult in CastleStorm. Precision timing, and aim are required. Thankfully there are multiple types of shots players can use. Shooting down the attackers gets a little old, especially powerful ones that require multiple shots. Sitting there waiting for the object to charge up can be tedious.

CastleStorm can get confusing too. I was constantly swapping between shooting, and sending troops out. If you are not careful you can shoot your own troops. Something I did way too often I might confess. The bright colors, and humorous statements will resonate with the adults in the family.
- Sam


Graphics: 54%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 53%

System: Xbox 360
Publisher: Zen Studios
ating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Blood, Violence}
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