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CastleStorm made it to the Wii U. You read the main man's article on things looking up for the Wii U right? Here is another example. Zen Studios recognized the opportunity and millions of owners of the Wii U. They acknowledged they had a game for the older members of the family in the form of CastleStorm.

CastleStorm is almost always violent. The characters are brash and not very tactful. Unless you zoom in, the violence is on the small side. The comments by the characters try to be funny. They succeed if you have the junior high worldly sense of humor. I could predict what kinds of things they would say since they played so close to type.

The Wii U version of CastleStorm does something wonderful. It offers a Casual play type. That means CastleStorm can be more approachable by those who are not mental octopuses. You have to swap between attack, defenders, and your hero to succeed in CastleStorm. It is like a constant tower offense and tower defense game all at the same time. Wars are won and lost in those trenches.

The visuals and controls have been tweaked in the Wii U version of CastleStorm. It is easy to compare and see where improvements were made – like in the spiked balls. The controls feel more natural on the Wii U. Plus having that off screen play is absolutely awesome. I spent more time looking at the Wii U Gamepad to play anyway.

Everything in CastleStorm charges and builds. Once you have a full bar it is to your benefit to use it. Why? Because you may need it again in a bit. Use it now, and let it charge again. The faster you use things the quicker you can turn the tide of any battle. Things can go wrong in CastleStorm in a hurry.

CastleStorm on the Wii U is a good port for those interested in speed, strategy, and demolition. Strong heroes fighting off wicked evil monsters. I think digging a large moat might be a better solution at times. The blood, violence, and attitudes is why CastleStorm is for the older members of the family only.


Graphics: 56%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 74%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Zen Studios
Rating: ‘T’  - Teen
{Blood, Violence}
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