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Bird Mania Christmas 3D 


Bird Mania is BACK! It has been over a year and a half since Bird Mania entered Family Friendly Gaming Nation. The wait is over with. Bird Mania Christmas 3D is releasing on the Nintendo 3DS right after Christmas. Teyon Games is intelligent enough to keep Christ in Christmas too. In the name of the game.

The goal of Bird Mania Christmas 3D is simple. Go as far as you can collecting as many stars as you possibly can. Bird Mania Christmas 3D is close to a runner except our little birdie flies. There are day and night cycles in Bird Mania Christmas 3D. Your red hat wearing birdie flies faster during the day.

If you can avoid birds, trees, and bushes then you will reach different areas in Bird Mania Christmas 3D. I love going over the ocean and getting into a more desert like area. Families can also compare their scores to other players. I hit the highest score while doing this review. To be fair Bird Mania Christmas 3D was not released to the public yet. I expect others to blow past FFGRocks very soon.

Bird Mania Christmas 3D has a Christmas theme in menu screens and music. That reminds me - the music in Bird Mania Christmas 3D is exciting. It kept me on my tip toes while playing through. One mistake and it is level over in Bird Mania Christmas 3D.

If you have a problem with addiction you might want to be careful with Bird Mania Christmas 3D. I would hate for this downloadable 3DS game to mess up your life like drugs and alcohol hurt those addicts. Beating that high score is an amazingly strong incentive to replay.

Bird Mania Christmas 3D provides families multiple ways to play. You can use buttons, or the touch screen. I tried both of the control schemes and found the touch screen offered me the best reaction times. I wish there was some power up to slow my birdie down later on, or to take an additional hit.

This franchise continues to impress Family Friendly Gaming. I like that Teyon Games released a Christmas version of Bird Mania. I want to see sequels to Bird Mania Christmas 3D. Especially if they add some cool improvements to this franchise. Like power ups that allow us to go farther. I love seeing the different lands. I wish Bird Mania Christmas 3D had more of a Christmas theme in the background at the beginning of the game.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 91%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Teyon Games
Rating: 'E' – Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}
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